Cracking a Working Girl Wardrobe’s: Basic Items

I still remember the previous night before my very first day at my very first job; I was staring at my closet trying to figure out an appropriate outfit, I can’t remember what I chose but I will never forget how awkward I felt during my first week, it felt like everybody was looking at me at my -no adequate for this office- clothes. By the second week I was already used to that feeling and realized my entire closet was a student closet, it was time to go shop new stores and find new kind of clothes.

I was really looking forward for my paycheck!

As soon as it came, I went shopping for a whole new wardrobe. Now I can tell I went without an idea of what I needed and ended up with some clothes that could had work and some others I used just once.  With some experience and five years later I have built a great wardrobe that makes me feel comfortable and ready to take over the world!

If you ever found yourself on my situation, these are the basic items you’ll need to conquer the office outfit: