How I got into fashion

Certainly, it is a tricky long story … I grew up watching my mom tailoring clothes as a hobby, one that seemed lame for me.

By the time I was in college majoring in engineering, I thought I had all figured out,  my classmates and I never wore skirts, heels or bright colors; jeans, sneakers and any shirt was perfect. I was beyond fashion world, horrified by the know of people worrying for such shallow things.

During my senior year I had a class “Production Processes”, the teacher whom I had a love-hate relationship with more than a crush; assigned us investigate  all the norms, regulations and risks in order to produce any product. Me2007

Kidding and trying to get his attention I wrote about producing thongs & lingerie, he found it really interesting so I got stuck to it.

Three weeks, tons of coffee and just few hours of sleeping later, I found myself confused and immersed in a whole amazing world, discovering fashion was lots more than what we are aware of.

Since then I have been trying to figure out my new passion, one of those is now my new blog.

– Thal