What’s your style?

Find out what is your predominant style with this quick test.

Before you check the answers, you should know nothing is written in stone so most people don’t have just one style, they could have 2 or even 3. The important thing is to find out which one is the predominant one to make the most of it.

Check the answers you got and see the answers below:

If you got more of:

a. Seductive

Bold, dramatic and alluring.

People whose predominant style is seductive love to draw attention and captivate people around themselves. They are not afraid of wearing bright colors or striking accessories.

 They prefer tight clothing and know how to style cleavage, lace and transparencies. They never leave home without lipstick and heels.

b. Classic

Traditional,  conservative and trustworthy.

People whose predominant style is classic tend to dress formally, to use sober make up and wear perfect hair. Their closet has basically three colors: black, white and navy blue.

They prefer to invest on high quality timeless items that could be used any season. The accessories they use are always the same kind such as pearls, golden bracelets or discrete collars. They tend to choose the same type of clothing, it is even common that they end up buying the same item in different colors.

c. Romantic

Dreamer, idealistic and girly.

This style is the maximum expression of femininity and even the tiniest detail is well polished.

People whose predominant style is romantic tend to prefer soft and pastel colors, to wear light make up and to choose flared clothing. They usually wear headband, hair accessories, bangs and curls or waves. To complete their outfit they rely on accessories such as bows, pearls and diamonds.

Ruffles, lace, pink and floral print are a must on this style.

d. Fashionista

Trendy, spontaneous and edgy. 

Fashionistas are always wearing the latest trend, the “it” item and never dare to use something from a past season (vintage is the only exception). They never left home without high heels and THE bag.

Their hair and make up always go accordingly to the season trend, and don’t care about comfort at all.

e. Elegant

Sophisticated,  respected and in control. 

This style is the combination of sophistication and perfection. People whose predominant style is elegant are never underdressed and tend to choose dark or neutral colors, to invest on the best quality and to avoid prints at all cost.

Even though they prefer well known brands, they evade big printed logos. Their make up and hair are always perfect, and they know how to style “statement” accessories.

f. Natural

Relaxed, informal and confidence. 

People whose predominant style is natural are all about being comfortable, they don’t really care about trends nor spend much time dressing up. Their closet is full of jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. They barely use make up and rarely wear an accessory.