The art of fashion and clothing in Mexico – Part 1

I had to run an errand at Mexico’s City Downtown and luckily walked by a museum that was showing the history of mexican fashion.

I have always think of fashion as a pattern, since it has the same elements that just keep evolving; sometimes transforming into new pieces, or like most of the times, they just get back to what they were. Think about those tinny shirts we used back in the 90’s showing our belly buttons, those came back a couple of years ago as crop tops, let’s see where they go next.

I really enjoyed the exposition, and I was amazed by how many of the pieces that were displayed could be used today, even though those were designed at least thirty years ago.

I mean, I could totally wear one of these any day.

Mexico fashion history - 12
Look at this one, it looks like a midi skirt coord, right?

The following are some traditional bride dresses through time.

It is fantastic to imagine how many thing have changed in the last century but pieces of history remain among us this days, at least in fashion …