Free online Fashion courses

If you are just starting your career on fashion, and you are looking to get more insights before jumping into it, you must take a look of the following online courses you can sign up for free!

  1. Bare Fashion MOOC, The Fold

    The FOLD stands for Fashion Online Learning Domain, it is a peer-to-peer fashion online community and collaboration platform, where the course is completely run by students. The course basically drives through the fundamentals of fashion; from color theory to the origin of trends. It also covers textiles, cycles and supply chain.

    It is the perfect place to start if you are looking to explore fashion world.

  2. Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies, Coursera

    Created by Università Bocconi which is a worldwide recognized university, with great Fashion Specialization courses, this is a Self paced MOOC that walks you through the understanding of how Luxury Companies work. The course oversees how those Companies manage their Brands, Products, Retail and Communication.

  3. How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Business, FutureLearn

    This is a 5-week course led by entrepreneurs, that presents strategies and steps to launch and run a fashion business, keeping in mind a sustainable and ethical view. This point of view comes to be relevant know that new generations are getting more involve in the process of manufactured products and prefer those which a fair labor practices, safe working conditions and less environmental impact.

  4. Innovation: the Fashion Industry, FutureLearn

    This MOOC is part of a collection from the University of Leeds, it introduces a case of study of Marks & Spencer, a London based that has been a key innovator in fashion.

    Other great sites to explore and learn:

    Fashion Era

    This comes to be a great inspiration and tutorial site, since it has tons of pages of Fashion History, Costume History, Social History and Clothing. You can find information from the latest silhouettes in detail of two centuries of fashion. So this is definitely a must visit if you are looking for some history or inspiration.


    University of Fashion

    This is a complete site with thousand of videos for different subjects, from Draping and Pattern Making to Fashion Business You need to purchase a licence to access most of the material, but there are some videos you can access for free.


Have you taken some of these courses? Or do you know about another one we should be adding to this list?