Bags that prove 90’s are back for good

It was just a matter of time for 90’s to be completely back, and even though there have been some major differences in iconic trends and iconic pieces, bags are definitely as 90’s as I can recall.

I gathered some of my favorites bags that represent the 90’s, the decade through I grew up, in its maximum expression. Let me know how you like them?

Pop icon bag

This kind of bag comes back super chic and neat, do you remember those bags we carried over to every place? Those big plush bags that came in the form of our favorite cartoon icons?

We can still see our favorite pop icons in small clutches or in a little detail, like the black bag with the moon that make us think on Sailor Moon and the Mask Guy.

Pop bag


Badges, patches and appliqués

90’s were all about defying authority and expressing ourselves in our own way, not caring about what people though, and the best way to do that was personalizing each and every item we owned.

We added badges or pines to everything we could, especially to school backpacks and jerseys.

Patches and appliques bags


The statement bag

Adding patches was not enough to state our stand, we wore statements on our sweat pants, hoodies and t-shirts. Now that 90’s are back, so are the statements printed more discretely on super stylish bags.

Statement bag


Statement bag por styleanote con cotton bags

The animal cartoon-like bag

Since everything was about our favorite cartoons back in the 90’s, the cartoon animal like bag couldn’t be missing.

I think we should prepare ourselves to see a lot of items resembling a cartoon cat, such as hats, mittens, shoes and even dresses.

Animal Bags


Prints, prints and prints

Back in the 90’s we found symbol prints everywhere, remember the smile face, the moon, the sun and the music notes?

It seems like full color prints symbols are back. I have found stars, big flowers and eyes so far, I am sure there are still some symbols to come … let’s see.

Printed Bags