The art of fashion and clothing in Mexico – Part 2

One of the things I like the most about Mexico, is how full of history and culture it is, and you can see those easilythrough the typical clothing. The textiles, the embroderies, and the colors are bright and vivid, and they have been a source of inspiration for several designers, especially the last couple of years when “tribal” looks became trendy.

Here are some of the typical dresses of some Mexico’s states. It is amazing how each state (32) has its own typical dress and dance. Nevertheless, you can see the resemblance, they have the same main bright colors: red, green, white and black sometimes. Flowers and lace are also a constant on the attires.

The exposition features some of the typical wedding dresses and their evolution through the years, it shows how women body was perceived, and how the accepted color for a wedding dress ranges from perfect white to pale pink, sometimes with glimpses of red.


There were a few men attires, but I could barely understand them.



The final part of the exposition was my favorite, there was a catwalk with beautiful and modern dresses, they were tailored in current silhouttes and fabric; I could wear any of them to a party, but they still had all Mexican culture and history imprinted on each of them.


Finally, these were my favorite pieces of the entire exposition. They are modern, sofisticated and state what Mexico is about. Let me know which you liked the most?



– Thal