Balenciaga in Mexico

A couple of months ago, there was a Balenciaga exposition in the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City, featuring some of his dresses and most important pieces through his career.

I liked the way the exposition was presented, since it walked you through all the creative process and the evolution of Balenciaga’s style.

It was exciting to see how the pieces where designed, with the election of fabric and notes aside. Not so different to how it is done nowadays.


Some illustrations that show people wearing the garments.


Here are some of my favorite pictures, although the one I loved the most is the dotted black & white dress, the pink bow goes perfectly with it; it is girly and sofisticated at the same time. I am really considering to design a piece inspired on it!!


There were some actual gowns featured, the fabric was stiffed and they had tons of crinoline which gave a lot of volume to the bottom part of the body.

I am there in the last picture proudly modelling a skirt I did all by myself.


A nice quote to think about.

“Prestige is more important than fame. Fame is efimere, prestige stays.”