Which color suits me better?

Do you want to figure out which colors look best on you?

Find out with this quick test.

Have you ever wondered why people keep telling you “You look amazing” every time you wear certain blouse, but you didn’t really make any especial effort to get ready?

It may sound unbelievable, but the colors you wear do make a huge difference on your look. Rules are not written in stone, and it may depend on a lot of variables such as your skin tone, eyes color or even the color of your hair at the time.

There are a several theories around this topic, one of which states that the colors that go best on us are those that we are missing. For example, if overall your predominant color (skin tone, hair color, eyes, lips, etc.) is red, then you need to balance it wearing other primary colors, blue and yellow in this case.

The best way to discover which colors suit you better is to stand in front in a mirror without makeover on, take off any accessory and keep your hair out of your face.

Then, cover yourself with a piece of fabric of each different color and observe how your face changes to each of them. You will see how some colors make you look sick or paler, and some other make your face look brighter or even accentuate your cheek bones. Make sure there is good lighting and it is always good to get some insights from a third person.

If you don’t have enough different fabric, just try with a golden and a silver color piece. If gold suits you better then you are more likely to look better in warm colors, on the other hand, if you look better in silver, then cool colors are more likely to suit you. There are also people who look good in both of them. Lucky them.

Again, there aren’t binding rules, so this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear certain colors, just try to balance your outfit with accessories near your face.

For example, if warm colors favor you most and you are wearing a navy blue dress, you would like to pair it with golden earrings or a golden collar.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Pastel colors look good in everybody.
  2. Army green and yellow are the most complicated colors to wear.
  3. Even if white seems like just a color, there are several different tones of it.
  4. Each color has a wide range of tones, so make sure you are using the warm or cool version of it depending on your characteristics.

Now you know which colors to look for next time you go shopping!

Warm and bright colors make me look better; tell me which ones look better on you.