DO NOT commit your style to anyone, but be courted by all

Do not let your style become repetitive and dull!

Step one: You have finally found your perfect clothing brand, every time you walk into a store you can picture yourself wearing almost every piece and you love that because you could effortlessly came up with an entire outfit.

Step two: You end up buying most of your clothes on the same store and sooner than you could realize you look exactly like the model on the brand’s catalog excepting that you don’t get paid at all for the advertising.

Congratulations! You have just learn to dress like everyone else.

Don’t get me wrong, it is important to know how to make the most of every piece of garment you own in order to enhance your style but don’t be carried away once you have found something you feel works perfectly on you; like my mother, every time she finds a blouse or sweater she likes, she buys the same piece in al least two different colors.

If you keep looking for new designers, new styles, new outfits ideas. To become an icon and start trends, you must find your own voice and your unique way to express it through your style and attitude.

After all the years of the globalization boom the world is leaning towards the uniqueness so go for it!

Keep your independence, make an statement and become memorable.

Three powerful, creative and confident women to look up to: Anna dello Russo, Lady Gaga and Leandra Medine. 

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This is what an accessory tree looks like

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