Why you should read Nina Garcia’s books if you love fashion

If you are looking for styling advice then you must read one of these books

When I first got interested in fashion I felt like a total outsider. I used to wear jeans and cowboy boots to college, whenever it was raining I pulled up my jeans up to my knees to keep them from getting wet. I was majoring in Engineering so obviously nobody cared how I dressed.

One day searching around internet I stumbled into Nina García and immediatly related to her. She was borned and raised in Colombia and has an important carreer in fashion: She worked in PR for Marc Jacobs and Perry Ellis. She has been editor of important fashion magazines like Marie Claire and Elle. And she is the author of 3 books that every stylish girl must read.

After reading them I felt greatly inspired by her and learned a lot about style basics. Her books are full of comprenhensible advise on enhancing your style, earning confidence and finding yourself. Most important, they are all about embracing all the perks of being a woman and feeling empowered.

I have read some other books about style and I found them kind of generic. Nina writes in a way you could easily relate to. The books are full of examples you can start applying right away.

My personal favorite is The Little Black Book of Style because it is the perfect place to start. It covers the basics: What sytle means, Basic styling rules, Where to find inspiration and What to Wear tips.

The one Hundred is a cheat sheet containing a list of 100 pieces every girl should invest in to build a fashionable and timeless closet. The Style Strategy is the perfect book to staying chic when your are in a budget.

The Bottom Line: Whenever you are shopping being practical and smart is better than Brands and pricing tags.

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