Do you know Andy Torres: 10 reasons why you should follow her

When I first started looking around for fashion bloggers I kept stumbling with a name: Andy Torres

Andy Torres has been behind Style Scrapbook for almost 8 years, and I still get the feeling of reading a friend’s blog. Most of her looks are attainable and with easy-to-get clothing. The first time I visited her blog I fell in love instantly and I have been following her career ever since.

She has done almost everything:From hosting TV shows to magazines covers, a TED talk and hundreds of collaborations with famous brands.

Here are my top reasons to keep reading her blog:

1. She knows how to keep wearing her wardrobe all year round

I grew up in Mexico City where the weather is relatively  moderate and it is normal to use your wardrobe all year long, I couldn’t imagine someone wearing the same clothes in the beach,

in the middle of the autumn and even when it is snowing. Andy has a great way to keep mixing and styling her wardrobe, which takes me to the next point …


2. She can style the same item in a ton of different ways

This is the main reason I keep coming back to her blog! She really knows how to make a piece look completely different  and she still rocks it! I tend to use the same piece in the same way, so I could always find some inspiration.


3. She is edgy and versatile

She just keeps evolving and exploring new things, which I really find refreshing. She can wear a tulle skirt one day and a leather coat and boots the other. She wears the same a suit or a slip dress.


4. She is always having fun with it

She just seems  natural, relaxed and so easy to relate  to.


5. I just love how she uses prints and aces mix & match

I am always wondering how to use prints and whenever I dare to, I feel awkward.   Somehow she  knows perfectly how  to do it.