All You Need To Know About Fashion Films

Have you heard about Fashion Films?

Until a week ago neither did I, although I have watched some without knowing what they were.  I am sure you have watched at least one too.

Fashion is not only about nice clothing, fashion is about art and self discovery. Fashion is the plainest and simplest form of personal expression and, as every other story, one of its main purposes is to reach a broader audience, faster.

Fashion Industry has been evolving to keep up to the challenges of  an era in which we are practically “connected” 24/7. Fashion Films represent the breakthrough of the Fashion Industry into the Digital World.

Digital, Fashion and Cinema came together to support a new way to showcase different narratives and contents. Fashion Films are short entertaining and appealing films that can last from 1 up to 15 minutes, although they are packed with advertising content these mini-films are flamboyant, alluring and may exhibit current issues.

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These Films are easily shared through streaming apps or social media, some of them have already become viral and of such importance that several International Festivals have born to share and honor them. Even Vogue has an exclusive platform to showcase this kind of content.

“Fashion Films are a form of art that is constantly evolving so it should explore different cultural aspects. It is much more than just beauty. To stay relevant it must present current social issues.”

Marie Schuller, 2017

As the International filmmaker said, people is going to remember the items that come with a narrative, or the ones that touches us.

Since Fashion film is a disruptive gender that is still on the rise, Brands and Filmmakers will have to find a way to keep it relevant, to use this platform to bring awareness to important social issues, and to keep experimenting, innovating and producing appealing content.

Fashion Films are definitely a milestone for Fashion and Cinema and we would better keep them on the loop.