Stop avoiding trends: Learn how to use your enemies

I don’t like my huge shoulders … at all

I was part of the swimming team for two years when I was in High School so I have really big shoulders. Last year when the must fashion items included off the shoulder tops and bomber jackets I was completely upset!

It is harder for me to look good on items that accentuate my upper part. But being a fashion lover I decided there was no way I was passing on the trend because of that.

I had to digg a little deeper to find the item that fitted my silhouette perfectly. And I did!


Power is about confidence, and confidence always come from embracing your true self. 

I know is hard to feel powerful when you are not confident with your looks, so here is some advice on how to use the things you do not like about yourself in your favor:

1 The first step towards tackling your weak spots is to be aware of them.

Nobody is perfect, so do not be too harsh on yourself. I suggest you start by learning what is your style and which is your body type.

That way you can start building your closet around items that go best on you.

2 Do not give up on something you want to try

My mother used to tell me: “De la moda lo que te acomoda”, which means I should only wear certain kind of clothes. I used to follow her advice until I realized how boring it is to play safe, and how much you loose because of bias.

Yes, it is harder for me to find a Bomber Jacket, a romper or certain other items that look good on me, but it is exciting to keep looking and rewarding when I finally do.

3 Always keep in mind: fabric, color & print

The design of any piece of clothing is just a part of the piece, if you look for the adequate fabric, color and prints you will see how much it can change the way you look.

Make sure you use the volume of the fabric and the rest of the elements on your favor, to keep your silhouette balanced.