Mismatched shoes: Would you dare? It is a tough one, right?

We are in the middle of spring season now and there are some trends that are raising from SS 2017 Fashion Weeks:

Statement sleeves, see-through accents, bare shoulders and bright hues … 

but there is an styling choice that went under trend watchers’ radar and that seems to be spreading fast, it could even last for a couple of seasons: mismatched shoes!!

Wearing different shoes on the street is a difficult style choice! You need extra confidence and a perfect outfit to pull it off,  on the other hand there is always the extravagant trend and the just-a-bit trend. So you could just try the pair that fits better to you.

If you are feeling extra confident and ready to stand out, you should try one of the pairs that started the trend back at September 2016 on the catwalk, the Cèline white & red ankle boots:

Celine_mismatched shoes

If you would prefer to take baby steps there are other options that include more subtle takes of mismatched shoes: opposite graphics, sporting nonconforming ankle ties or reversing two-tone mules.

There are still few options out there, some people are still buying two different pairs and matched them up. But I got the feeling there will be more brands embracing this trend sooner than later.

Do you dare to use this trend? Read more about the options in the post!