Do you know which is your body type? Don’t miss this post!

There are several different approaches to classify women body types, I am sure you have heard about the pear body, the apple body, and so on; but as the practical and proud engineer I am, I prefer the approach that uses geometric figures to catalog women body shapes.

It just seems foolproof to me!

Even though there are various categories in this approach, I only focus on the main four because I think every woman can be categorized in one of these types and, it is always better to keep things simple.


You have the hourglass body shape if you have the perfect proportion between shoulders and hips, and your waist is accentuated.

  • Clothing that favors this body type are the ones that embrace the silhouette without being super tight.
  • Try loose clothes that are slightly tighter on the waist, prints and block colors would also make your body look balanced.

Hourglass body shape celebrities


If your shoulders are smaller in proportion to your hips, and you have a heavily accentuated waist, your body shape is a triangle. Women with this body type tend to look shorter because of their wide hips but on the bright side they also tend to look super feminine.

  • Try to draw attention to you upper part by using heavy accessories like big collars, chokers or earrings.
  • To make your body look balance use lighter fabrics on the bottom, and avoid heavy prints. 
    Triangle body shape celebrities

Embrace this season’s trends and use blouses with ruffles, bare shoulders and of course bomber jackets! They all will look great on you!

Inverted Triangle

If you, like me have wider shoulders compared to the size of your hips then you, like me have an inverted triangle body shape. Women used to embrace this body shape back at the 80’s by using shoulder pads, I am hoping it comes back!

  • To draw attention to your hips use pants or skirts with heavier fabric, wide waist bands or drapes.
  • Wider cleavage (square, heart and V collar) with necklaces will make your upper body look in balance.
  • Make sure you have peplum clothes, crop tops and wide bell sleeves in your closet. This kind of items will make you look amazing!

Inverted triangle body shape celebrities


You have the rectangle body shape if you have a super athletic body, the same proportion between your shoulders and your hips, and if your waist is not that accentuated.

  • To make your body shape look balanced make sure you always make your waist visible.
  • Women with this body type tend to look masculine so, using feminine accessories or clothing is always a good idea.

Rectangle body shape celebrities

Useful TIPS!

  • You can draw attention and accentuate your waist by using belts, accessories or color blocks.
  • To add volume to certain body part you can use drapes, darts, ruffles, prints or heavier fabric.
  • Wide, horizontal, non structured stripes always add volume.
  • Wear anything you want!! just make sure to balance your outfit properly.

Next time you are choosing your outfit keep in mind the goal is to keep your body visually balanced, and that marking the waist is always a good idea.

Let me know if you have a question on this!