Get style inspiration from our favorite characters. Working outfits do not need to be boring!

Working in an office from 9 to 5 might have its perks but sometimes it could just be all black, white and boring.

I have been working for almost eight years now for different companies and although they all had a business casual dress code, people  in each company dressed completely different.

I am sure I am not alone in this, there is a wide range of what business casual means. I have found it has more to do with the type of role and Company you are involved than the dress code itself.

So if you are struggling to get inspiration, here are some different ideas that seem to fit business casual description, just find the one that will go better with you and let me know what you think!

Laurel Castillo || How to get away with murder

idealist & bold


Her style is the most relaxed from this list, but I am sure somehow it may fit into the Business casual dress code for certain companies, especially if most of the people working there are millennials.

Laurel’s wardrobe consist in preppy sweaters, formal blazers, girly trousers, nice skirts and bold accessories. To keep her style suitable for a working place make sure skirts are not too short, avoid sandals and sneakers at all cost and be careful with the sweaters you choose.

Marnie Michaels || Girls

dreamer & perfectionist


Marnie is passionate about music and art, she is a creative person; and so is her style. She manages to look formal while keeping her style youthful and fun.

To get her style get some colorful formal dresses, minimalistic accessories and make sure you always have perfect hair and make-up.

If you have a creative role, you are a designer or you work in marketing this might be a good inspiration for your working outfit.

Olivia Pope || Scandal

powerful & strong


Are you a Gladiator in a suit? Then, you should start getting inspired by Olivia’s style.

I love how powerful and formal she looks without compromising fashion.

I am not a fan of women suits but I like the way she adds a twist of fashion to them to stay on trend. Her style would be perfect if you must inspire authority and look formal all the time: if you are a lawyer, an analyst or a sales person.

To keep the formal tone make sure you use clothing with heavy fabric, dark or pastel tones, and try to keep prints small and subtle.

Paige Dineen || Scorpion

sweet & empathic


Scorpion is my favorite show right now! Paige’s style is what I think the best definition of Business Casual is and … She is always ready to go save the world! Literally!

Her outfits are comfortable, girly and relaxed but with a hint of a formal style.

I used to work at the Headquarters of a Medical Devices Company, I used to speak with doctors and patients frequently. My outfit had to be impeccable and formal to inspire trust in my stakeholders. But, two months ago I changed my job and now I am working for an Aerospace Company at the Research and Production facility. Obviously, my old wardrobe is inadequate for my new job.

I have been getting inspiration on Paige’s style to get new clothes. Her style consists in leggings, silk blouses, flared skirts and ankle boots or flats. To keep the formal hint add a blazer or heels some times.



Claire Underwood || House of Cards

classic & fierce


I am a huge Netflix fan, I enjoy most of its original content but I must confess the only reason I keep watching House of Cards is to get inspired by Claire’s style. Somehow her outfits get to be minimalist and effortless but incredibly elegant at the same time.

Her style is perfect for someone who loves classics: pencil skirts, A-line dresses and bow tie blouses.