Are Crystal Crowns the new Flower Crowns?: Get the Boho Summer Must

What is not to love about summer?

Warm sunny days, fun outdoor activities, summer dresses, and my personal favorite: Boho accessories! 

There is something fairy and dreamy about summer days, I feel like it is the best moment of the year to embrace my inner and forgotten Boho Style. That includes long wavy hair and, for the last couple of years a flower crown.

But since this year everything has gone a bit further towards fantasy, it was only natural that our so beloved summer must accessory did too.

I mean, a Crystal Crown might be a bold accessory and even a bit over the top but I am sure wearing one will make you feel like a queen and take your mood to a magical Place. The timing could not be more perfect! Summer started with Wonder Woman featuring in every cinema so the rest of the season needs to keep up with the #WomenPower mood.

Here are some looks I found over the web to get some inspiration … Let me know if you like them