The Best DIY skirt tutorials to try NOW!

I love skirts & I love to sew

Even though I have been learning for a couple of years how to trace my own patterns and tailor clothing properly, I still need to develop my designing skills so while I was looking for inspiration I stumbled with these amazing skirt tutorials.

They seem easy to do, do not require previous pattern making knowledge and they are all super fashionable skirts!

DIY Lace Skirt - Dolce & Gabbana inspired

Lace skirt – Dolce & Gabbana inspired

I think this is my favorite DIY, the skirt is perfect for a night out and it is super quick to make.

Although the tricky part will be to find a nice lace fabric …

Wrap skirt - Scarf print

Wrap skirt – Printed Scarf

Scarves were a hit some years ago so if you have some old scarves that have been kept in a box somewhere, this would be a good way to re-use them.


Flapper Fringe Skirt

Flapper Fringe Skirt

This skirt is not made from scratch, you will need a plain black skirt and add fringes but it would be perfect to attend a 20’s theme party.


Pencil skirt - recycled shirt

Pencil Skirt – Recycled Shirt

Speaking about recycling old clothing … this skirt is made with and old lace shirt.

I just love how the white lace and the black ribbon bow match!


Jeweled SkirtJeweled Skirt from Maxi Skirt

Do you have a plain skirt you do not like anymore? This tutorial is perfect!

This is a Maxi skirt enhanced with some rhinestones so go ahead and let your creativity fly!



Pencil skirt - recycled shirtPencil skirt - recycled shirtGuardarGuardarGuardarGuardar






  1. Although I appreciate your comment, I can not take the credit for the ideas. I loved the posts and just wrote a round up to push myself to try some of them. My personal favorite is the Lace Skirt which I sure will be trying soon.

    Let me know how the flapper skirt comes around, and good luck with the project!!


  2. You are talented! I like the flapper fringe skirt and jeweled skirt you made, they are beautiful! Every girl has a dream of becoming their own fashion designer. I hope I can make my own flapper fringe skirt! Wish me luck.

    Liked by 1 person

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