Is this an statement item? Answer these questions before you buy it!

Let’s start by making clear what is an statement item and why it is even important.

A statement piece is that item in your outfit that takes your look from plain to noteworthy. It could be a piece of jewelry, a jacket, a pair of shoes or even a hair accessory.

Clothes are a form of expressing ourselves, and even if it might seem silly it is a fact that how we dress impacts how we feel about ourselves and ultimately how we perceive life. So if adding something bold and unique to your outfit will boost your confidence and help your way through having a better day at least it is worth the try, right?

Looking for unique items is such a fun quest, but it can be exhausting because most of the times you won’t know what you are looking for until you find it, and even then, you might not be sure if you are about to get the most fabulous statement item or just something you will wear once or twice.

Before you spend a little fortune, make yourself these questions to make sure you have find exactly what you were looking for.

Is the piece unique?

Do you really want to wear an item you have seen people around you wearing? Do not get me wrong, I know there are trends we all love but lets think about chokers for example.

Get a choker! But are you really willing to spend some money on the exact same        choker you have seen a thousand times?


Do you really like it?

Yes. Each time I go shopping I see at least a hundred things I like but, there is a slight difference between liking and really liking.

When you really like something you can feel it in your core and you are sure you will still like it after five or ten years, so it is always a perfect time to start building your wardrobe with items you really like.

Is it something you can picture yourself wearing with different outfits?

I hate answering a question with another question but, what is the point of buying an accessory you would only wear once or you would only wear with a certain outfit?

How could an item help you tell who you are if you wear it just a couple of times? the whole point of making a statement is to be consistent otherwise you would be getting an awesome accessory that will go great with a certain outfit.

Like Cara Delevingne and her leather jacket.

Cara Delevingne weather jacket

Is it really you?

Statement pieces not only enhance your outfit, they define your personal style and give identity to your personal brand. So it is important to make sure it is something that is distinctively ‘you’.

What makes this item special for you?

In a nutshell, getting to know yourself which, may be harder than we all believe (trust me on this!), is the most crucial part on developing your own style, hence I would recommend you spend some time understanding why an item is special for you to get a better sense of how it would impact the way you present yourself and overall, how it would help you tell your own story.