How to wear a bomber jacket to the office and not die in the try

I love fashion! I am always keeping on trends, but I also have a 9 to 5 job as an engineer that requires certain dressing code.

The bomber jacket came back as the IT piece last year and I do not see it fading away any time soon so I would love to wear it to the office every once in a while, the only problem with it is that per se the bomber jacket is such an informal garment and if not styled properly it can make your outfit look scruffy and completely out of place for a formal working outfit.

So before showing you some ideas to style a Bomber Jacket for an office-adequate working outfit here are some tips to consider:

  1. If you are wearing a Bomber Jacket seriously consider wearing heels. They do not need to be super high, but just do not wear flats! You do not want to add another informal piece to your outfit.
  2. The heavier the fabric and the more structured the bomber jacket, the better for the formal attire.
  3. Try to keep the prints and colors sober.
  4. I would suggest to keep accessories discrete given the bomber jacket would already get enough attention.


Some ideas to get inspired and dare to wear a Bomber jacket to the office, although the last two looks might be a bit risky but worth the try.

How to wear a Bomber jacket
How to wear a bomber jacket
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How to wear a bomber jacket
How to wear a Bomber jacket