Are you looking to get into the mismatched shoes trend?

It has been almost a year since Céline followed by Calvin Klein and Moschino started the Mismatched shoe move on the runway, both for Spring and Fall shows. This led to bold forecasts for footwear this year.

Even though it is a bold trend to use in everyday life, this cool trend is gaining track across the streets and the red carpet.

I have been looking all around the Internet for places to buy a pair of mismatched shoes, but apparently the trend is too bold that I could only find a place where you can select the color of each one of a pair of shoes.

At this point if you want to wear a mismatched pair of Céline’s red & white boots you will have to buy two pairs and find what to do with the spare two shoes, maybe, try to sell them to someone who would also dare to wear a mismatched pair of boots.

However, the trend is on the rise and there a lot of options with discrete mismatched characteristics like interchangeable straps, mixed colors or different décor figures.

Here are some ideas if you are looking for a pair of shoes to try this trend:

Tory Burch – sandals & espadrilles

Tory Burch’s summer collection is so colorful, relaxed and fun that the mismatched ornaments can be easily unnoticed. The espadrilles or the sandals are perfect for a summer day outdoor.


Jacquemus – sandals and oxfords with geometric mix

If you are looking to wear the mismatched shoes trend to the office, the Jacquemus collection is definitely for you! The geometric mismatched details are discretely disguised into the soles, the design is more formal  and sober.


Camper – mix & match colors

A bit bolder but still restrained is the Twins collection by camper, totally casual and easy to match with jeans.


Zoe Lee – Mixed colorful suede

I think this is a relative new brand, so I would recommend you take a look to the designs, they are worth it. On the top of it, there are a few not too risk mismatched pair of oxfords that look comfortable.

Sam Edelman – High strapped heels

This mismatched shoes in particular are extra bold! They are colorful and include sequins and prints. If you enjoy having fun with your shoes options, you should one of these pairs.

Gabriel Max – The boldest option

If you are looking to become a trendsetter, consider yourself a hopeless fashionista or feel confident and bold, then you should get your own mismatched pair of high heels from Gabriel Max, you can choose your own mix from 8 different colors.