How to wear a phrase t-shirt: 4 ideas

It may not seem like it, but fashion has a history of being political: Vivienne Westwood sparked the British punk rebellion in the 70’s & 80’s. Katherine Hamnett pushed political agendas and fought for worthy causes.

It is not a surprise that amid the international tension that has been arising since last year because of the polarized opinions in almost every topic: environment, economy, gender, and politics; protest t-shirts made a strong comeback.

I think we are in a pivotal moment for the humanity and its life as we know at Earth so the time to take a stand is now!

Lets take a moment to read, to learn and to peacefully discuss about each one of the subjects that are on stake. Lets make a choise and raise our voices.

I’ll let you know how I’ll be doing, but for now I am pro embracing ourselves as we are, and as a women I just have to say #WeShouldAllBeFeminists.

I’d love to read your thoughts! And in the mean time, here are four ideas to wear a printed t-shirt.

Morning & Tulle Skirt

Girl Power & Athleisure

Confidence & Summer Vibes

Feminist & Proud