Thinking Out Loud: Do you really think cleavage is over for good?

Last year Vogue published Cleavage was over

The article, called “Desperately Seeking Cleavage”, said:

“The cleavage – those magnificent mounds pushed together to display sexual empowerment, to seduce, to inspire lust or even just to show off – is over, or at least, taking a well-earned break. The t*ts will not be out for the lads. Or for anyone else, for that matter.

Rejecting the stereotypes of gender has been brought sharply into focus, with the days of women as eye-candy, their sexuality positively smouldering rather than subtly played out, officially over.”

Almost eight months later I am amazed it most likely is. The new trends show a raise in different ways to express femininity such as: Bare shoulders, Cut outs, Open backs, One-Piece swimsuits and, Bralettes as opposed to push-up Bras.

Given that women are more involved in economy and hold powerful positions within almost every industry it is natural we are starting to dress for ourselves and opting for comfort.

This hit me a couple of days ago when I was chatting with my friend on what she would be wearing to a party. To the purpose of this story is important to state my friend is gorgeous and has an amazing toned body, she has been working for almost two years now so, you can imagine.

She was telling me she was thinking of wearing a white romper, when her boyfriend who had been ear-dropping told her

“You should wear something else, the romper looks good on you but you don’t have enough breasts”.

My friend and I were surprised and unable to say a word so he kept going:

“I mean, if you were dressing for me or men in general you would not wear cleavage but as women dress for other women, you think the romper is perfect for you”.

I could make a list of all the things that I think were out of place, but I will focus on the fact that we have finally stopped listening to beauty stereotypes and how that is a step closer to living in our terms.

Long story short, my friend wore that white romper. She looked amazing!

So taking into account the recent awareness of gender equality and women issues, brands empowering women and, millennials breaking with every single stereotype I do not see cleavage coming back anytime soon.

What’s your stand on cleavage?