3 Things You Need to To Know About Style Scale to get the job of your dreams

The first time I heard about Style Scale I was living in Mexico City were commuting is a nightmare and spending 3 hours a day in a car is a normal thing, to cope with the sense of wasting my time I listened audio books.

I can’t recall the exact title of the book, but I am sure it was about persuasion. There was a chapter elaborating around the theory behind “Blink”, which states our brain  just takes 20 seconds to make decisions, and then our subconscious spends more time trying to convince our conscious self.

In other words, our brain processes each little detail separately and if everything fits as a whole, then we react positively.

If you think about it, spending more time caring about our looks seems like the right thing to do, it just stops being hollow at all.

After listening the term Style Scale I searched more about it because, since the Boom of the “Business Casual” dress code, that no one has been able to define yet, dressing adequately for work has become a huge challenge.

Let me share what I have learned about Style Scale so far:

1. What is Style Scale?

Developed by Judith Rasband, Institute Director of Conselle Institute of Image Management is a logical approach to defining specific levels of business dress”

2. How it works?

It sets an scale from casual dress to formal dress identifying four levels of dress: Tailored, Softly Tailored, Casual Tailored, and Untailored.

3. How to use it?

This is the interesting part, you need to identify which level is more appropriate for your personality, your budget and your values. Then, adjust the style according to your position, your role, the occasion and your lifestyle.