5 Little Black Dresses we all love but some of us can’t possibly afford

I was looking around Polyvore to find some inspiration when I found a lot of gorgeous Little Black Dresses, I was thinking about choosing one to use for my cousin’s wedding next Saturday but I couldn’t find one that would be delivered on time.

So … instead I looked for some of my favorites picks and realized there is no way I could afford them, but there is no harm in wishing, right?

Balmain – $ 4,565


Balmain-Little Black Dress - LBD-Golden-Sequin


Saint Laurent – $ 5,915

Saint Laurent-Polka Dot-Little Black Dress-LBD

Gucci – $ 1,600

Gucci-Zig Zag-Little Black Dress-LBD

Alexander McQueen – $ 2,285


Dolce & Gabbana – $ 2,275

Dolce & Gabbana-Ruched Cocktail Dress-Little Black Dress-LBD