Think you’re a true fashionista? Can you recognize these 6 iconic fashion items? Take the Quiz!

As I have told you before I was about to finish my engineering major when I discover my passion for fashion.

My parents wouldn’t allow me to quit my studies to pursue a total different path so I only started taking fashion courses until I had a job that let me pay for them.

I remember how awkward it was to attend those fashion courses, all my classmates were at least 5 years younger than me! But what really struck me was the lack of knowledge I had on the subject, everybody was talking about designers and discussing trends while I was trying to keep up with them without an idea of where to start because at the time it felt like too much!

Some years later … I still feel uncomfortable discussing designers and Fashion History but at least, now I know some starting points to start researching and I am able  recognize most of the iconic fashion items.

Try your knowledge on the topic and see if you can recall the name and designer of the following items. Good luck!