Never underestimate the influence of a Fashion Trend: 4 times I got tired of watching them in the streets

I used to believe Fashion Trends were dictated only by Celebrities, Media and Clothing stores but after reading more on the topic I realized how complex Fashion Trends really are.

There are several ways in which Fashion Trends are originated, but the one I find fascinating is the one that originates in Hot Fashion Spots and scales globally from there. It is amazing how intrinsic it is with what the people is feeling and saying at that moment in their lives.

It may seem bizarre but you may learn a lot from paying attention to what people is wearing on the street.

I have been following Fashion Trends for a couple of years and it is amazing how much we are influenced by Fashion Bloggers and Companies offering Fast Fashion like Zara, normally I see bloggers adopting some of the Trends from the Runways and some others proposing their own but usually I don’t get to see much of those trends on the street. However, this past year I got surprised by the amount of people adopting some trends, I even got to a point in which I thought it was ridiculous to just keep wearing what most of the people on the street were wearing.

I really got disgusted of watching these trends, if I never see them again it would not be soon enough.


Off the shoulder Blue Top


Miu Miu Ballerinas


Gingham Black & White Ruffled Skirt


Black Lace up Top


Is there any other trend that I am missing?