4 Things you could buy instead of the Fur Heart-Shaped Cape

Beautiful and innovative but still one of the things about fashion I won’t understand.

I confess I spend most of my money on things I’d probably won’t need: clothes, bags, shoes and books but …

Why would someone spend $15,500 on a cape that would probably just use a couple of times?

And what is going to happen once it is out of season? That is a lot of money invested in a short-cycle product that on the top of it is made with Fox fur.

Just as a quick reference, here are 4 other things you could buy instead of the Fur Heart-Shaped Cape:

    1. A car: Fiat 500 ($14,995)

    2. Fly Suite Class with Singapore-Airlines from San Francisco to Hong Kong ($13,044)

    3. A three-bedroom, one-bathroom house in Detroit, Michigan ($13,000)

    4. 15 Wedding Dresses ($1,000 each)