​Quick guide to Fashion Week: Everything you need to know

While most people anxiously await for February because of the SuperBowl and its traditional half-time show, I only count off the days to Fashion Week.

I had my very first encounter with Fashion Week three years ago in Mexico city when I was enrolled in a Fashion Styling course and I volunteered to be at the backstage of Ricardo Seco’s runway.

Being an outsider as I was back then, I didn’t know what to expect. Actually, it took me a while to get to understand the whole concept so here it comes a bit of shared wisdom.

Some fun facts:


It doesn’t necessarily last a week.

Fashion week is just a term to name the series of events in which fashion designers, brands or ateliers showcase their collections in runways, galleries or showrooms to buyers, media, selected customers and influencers.

These events may take place from four up to ten days.

It is held in several cities all around the globe.

Even though Fashion Week is held in several cities of the world, the so-called “Big Four” fashion capitals of the world: New York, London, Milan, and Paris, are the ones most covered by the press.

2018 Fashion Week Calendar

It happens twice a year.

There are two Fashion Week each year: in February and in September. Traditionally, during February the collections showcased belong to the Autumn/Winter season while the Spring/Summer are displayed during September.

With the increased access to the internet and social media, the demand for the runway looks has increased too. Since 2016, some designers opted for the “see know, buy now” shows.

So far, I have found the best place to get updates and news on Fashion week is Vogue.