My favorite Marchesa looks for Spring 2018 and a quick note on taking a stand

It looks like the #MeToo movement has reached Fashion Industry as well, Georgina Chapman amid her divorce from Harvey Weinstein decided to pull off her Fashion Week runway scheduled for February 14 and present Marchesa’s Spring Collection digitally.

The minute I knew she was quitting Fashion Week I went online and peeked the Collection.

Marchesa Spring 2018 - Fashion Week

I really loved it! It is so feminine and classic, I would even say it is also a bit fairy-like.  It was hard for me to just pick 6 looks, but I definitely have a favorite above all.

I mean, how perfect is this dress?

I still have no idea when or where I would wear it but I am sure I want it.

Switching to a completely different set of ideas, there are many subjects in which I’m not ready to take a stand but when it comes to harassment I have made my mind a time ago.

The only guilty person is the perpetrator. We shouldn’t blame the victim nor we should expect the people near the perpetrator to be aware of his acts. I do believe it is impossible to know everything about a person, specially if he makes all efforts to hide some shades of his personality.