Royal Bitch: Rachel​ Antonoff’s 2018 Ready-to-Wear​ Collection

This is the first time I hear about Rachel Antonoff, although she has quite made a name for herself in New York City’s fashion scene, by starring on a music video and presenting her collections in a memorable and unique way.

I looked through the entire 2018 Fall Collection before reading the review, when I read the Collection is called: Royal Bitch, it just made sense.

Up-tight and classic glam presented with irreverence.

Inspired by portraits of Victorian royals posing along their pooches, each item denotes its own pinch of disdain and superiority. I can’t help to feel the subtle need to claim power under the pose of boredom and perfect beauty.

I am probably biased by my desire to empower women or maybe it is that two of the characters I look up to are epical bitches: Scarlett O’Hara and Blair Waldorf but I love the collection, it makes me feel like it’s time to stop apologizing for not being nice when demanding equality.