The Kylie Jenner paradox: how to find your unique self amid the advertisement war

Does everyone want to be like Kylie or is media overselling Kylie’s image?

I started asking myself this question last week when two different events caught my attention:

  1. All the news reported an allegedly Snapchat millionaire loss after a Kylie’s tweet.
  2. While buying clothes online I realized most of the models were styled like Kylie: blonde straight long hair and thick lips.


I would never deny the Kardashian-Jenner family is a big influence on fashion, make-up, and music, up to the point to the coverage they receive its ridiculous most of the times.

Kylie Jenner has stepped up to differentiate herself from her sisters, which is not an easy thing being the youngest one in a large family that has been in the public eye for a long time, and every one of her sisters has a steady presence on media whether they’re talented or not.

At a young age, Kylie has launched her beauty line, her own Reality TV show and has promoted tons of items and music through her Instagram account, so her reach is undeniable. But on the other side of the story, my feed on my media accounts is filled with news of her each time she gets a new look or dates a new guy, even when I don’t follow her or any member of her family, and each time I go online to buy a lipstick the models just resemble her.

This is not a new situation it is only amplified by social media. It’s just an example of how blurry are the lines between trends started on the street and trends started by an influencer and the importance of staying true to ourselves amid the constant marketing of beauty standards. 

How to feel confident being your true self:


Don’t be afraid of taking risks.

The way we look -hair, clothing and make up- is just a reflection of the way we feel and in a society that has taught us to hide our feelings is imperative to find an effective way to let them out. It’s only natural to have different styles on different stages of our lives, it’s not a right or wrong answer, it’s what makes me feel comfortable now.

Address your insecurities.

It’s normal to feel insecurities about our body, as long as a low self-esteem is not the underlying issue. So before making any drastic change to your body take some time to think what is making you feel insecure and reflect on what is behind that feeling. Is it a new feeling? Is it anyhow related to an event on your life?

And once you are sure there’s something you want to change about yourself, take an educated step. 

Look for inspiration, not for appropriation.

The best way to get new ideas is to look for inspiration in different places, and watching what the people we relate to are doing; there is nothing wrong with resembling someone’s style or trying someone’s look as long as you make it in your own terms. It is important to take some time to make sure the image you are reflecting matches your principles, your ideals, and your taste.

Discover the power of confidence.

I can’t stress enough here: buying and using the makeup and clothes a celebrity uses won’t make you look like her, so let’s try a different approach and let’s start by mimicking her presence and her confidence, I bet that will make you feel empowered.